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~ partnering with management to build
mid-market companies ~



Meriwether Capital is a New York-based firm founded by Mr. George D. O'Neill in 1976 to acquire middle-market companies for long-term investment. While the private equity marketplace has become increasingly crowded, we have remained a stable and focused company.

We focus on privately held companies as well as corporate divestitures. We provide equity and prefer a majority position in mergers and acquisitions. Please see our Criteria page for more information on the qualities we look for in potential acquisitions.

In partnership with management, we intend to build long-term value, by providing proper incentives, capital for growth and guidance in financial and strategic issues to achieve agreed-upon goals.

Our private equity focus is in:
* spacerleveraged buyouts (LBOs)
* spacermanagement buyouts (MBOs)
* spaceradd-ons to existing portfolio companies

We invite principals, management teams and intermediaries to present acquisition opportunities. All discussions will be held in the strictest confidence. Fees will be paid when appropriate. Transactions will be designed to meet the needs of the seller insofar as possible.

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